Q: Where’d you get that pizza?
A: Right next door - “Liberta”.

Q:  Are you heading downtown?
A:  Not really, but I can drop you off at 59th St.

Q:  Do you have a website?
A:  Yes, I do - www.moodymccarthy.com.

Q:   Who did it for you?
A:  An upstate comic pal named Matt Rohr, who is my inspiration. He’s the Bernie Taupin to my Elton John. We bonded because “Matt” is my government name.

Q:  Are you gay?
A:  No, but I am attracted to Serena Williams.

Q:  Are you from Boston?
A:  No - I’m from Syracuse, NY.

Q:   I thought you were from Boston?
A:  Nope - upstate.

Q:  Why did I think you were from Boston?
A:  Dunno. Maybe the Irish name & the beer in my hand? Or because I use the word “wicked”. Or because I’m pals with Beantown legend Jon Fisch.

Q:  Is there a way to get rid of all the automated options at the end of my cell phone’s OGM?
A:  Yes, there is.

Q:  Why can’t I get the video on your site to play?
A:  Because you’re not on a computer. Or you’re poor. Or both.

Q:  What ice cream flavor would you say was underrated?
A:  Strawberry.

Q:  Are you Mike’s brother?
A:  Yes - how do you know him?

Q:  I played basketball against him - he‘s a big dude.
A:  I know. He’s a twin, too.

Q:  You’re a twin?
A:  No - he has a twin - who is also my brother - but I’m not Mike’s twin. I’m not Mike’s twin’s twin either.

Q:  How long have you been doing comedy?
A:  So long it’s more depressing than impressive.

Q:  Who are your favorite comics?
A:  There are a ton of people I admire. Off the top of my head, if you get a chance, I’d recommend seeing Jim Gaffigan, Wanda Sykes, Mitch Hedberg, Ted Alexandro, Dom Irrera, and Brian Regan.